REPLICARE Thin Dressings by Smith & Nephew, DRESSING, REPLICARE, THIN, 3.5" X 5.5"

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REPLICARE Thin is made from a polyurethane film with a thin layer of absorbent colloid. Benefits: -Moist wound environment: REPLICARE Thin maintains a moist wound environment that assists in promoting autolytic debridement while managing low levels of exudate. -Goes on easy, comes off clean: The sterile, no-touch, self-adhering application system makes REPLICARE Thin simple to apply - even while wearing gloves. High cohesive properties keep the dressing from falling apart and leaving residue in the wound, so there's minimal risk of local irritation. -Superior conformability: Like original REPLICARE, REPLICARE Thin stretches easily and returns to its original shape more completely than other hydrocolloid dressings - even over joints. This suppleness and flexibility allows the dressings to give without migrating, minimizing granulation tissue injury and damage to periwound skin integrity. -Improves patient comfort: REPLICARE Thin permits increased ease of patient mobility without uncomfortable pulling of the skin, especially over joints. The dressing's thin profile also makes it cosmetically acceptable to patients. -Cost-effective choice: REPLICARE Thin promotes more cost-effective use of material and resources and nursing services. The dressing is totally transparent, so there is no need to disturb the dressing to check for saturation or healing progress. The waterproof polyurethane film cover material allows the dressing to be easily cleaned and permits patients to bathe or shower without the need for a dressing change.
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Packaging 120 Each / 12 box / 12 Pack / Case
Manuf_Supplier Smith & Nephew
Manuf_Supplier_Num 59484100
Assorted Sizes 740_100_0_0
Color Yes
Dressing Type 42311515
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BrandSmith & Nephew
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