Letter from our CEO + Pricing Update

To our customers and community,

We are in the midst of the pandemic COVID-19 virus and its impact on our nation is both unfolding and uncertain.  As a healthcare products distributor that serves thousands of healthcare professionals, schools, government agencies and consumers, our mission is more critical than ever.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all who are affected by this virus, and we are committed to doing all we can to help.

Our commitment is focused on two priorities: the health and safety of our iRemedy team members and community, and the uninterrupted continuation of the critical services that we provide our customers.

I wanted to personally reach out to you and convey our commitment to the following actions:

No disruption of services.  Our operations team has continuity plans in place, and we expect to be able to continue to provide customer service, order processing and warehouse fulfillment services.  We are vigilant about protecting the health and well-being of our team members and we have planned telecommute capabilities should that be needed.

Availability.  As you know, there is a serious shortage of critical medical supplies throughout the world.  We are working nonstop closely with our major distributors and manufacturers to fill every order we can.  If we are unable to fill a product order, we remove that item from our website.  Our distribution partners also have inventories that are shifting and changing, and we are constantly dealing with cancelled orders and unanticipated changes.  Please know that during this time we are working diligently to process orders, cancel and refund when necessary, find additional inventory sources and adjust our on-site availability to be accurate.  If we cancel an order, we ALWAYS refund that order immediately.

Counterfeit Products and Price Gouging.   iRemedy works exclusively with major manufacturers and distributors like McKesson, Medline, Cardinal and others that are proven providers of quality products, having served healthcare providers for decades.  We do not deal in counterfeit products and we know the source of every product on our site.  Unlike us, many other ecommerce companies don’t verify their inventory and allow orders of counterfeit products.  This is a practice we have fought for years and is especially dangerous during this crisis.  Consumers should be wary of these non-healthcare companies providing personal and professional healthcare products.

Unfortunately, in a market like this, there are also individuals and firms that try and take advantage by inflating prices.  Such ‘price gouging’ practices are often illegal and always unethical.  We don’t participate in such practices.  It is important to note, however, that we are an ecommerce marketplace that processes most of our orders through drop ship partners.  If an order ships from a partner, then there are often drop ship and shipping fees.  To make buying simple and clear for our customers, we bundle these costs into our prices for most of our orders.  These fees may make our product cost seem higher when compared to a local retailer, but they include our delivery services, just as always has been the case.  We do not price gouge, and we routinely turn down unethical offers to buy hard-to-find products at over inflated prices.

Ongoing Vigilance.  We will make real-time, science-based decisions. We take our commitment to health and well-being very seriously, and will continue to monitor the advice of the CDC and local authorities in order to best protect you, our employees, and our broader community.

On behalf of our entire iRemedy team, it is our honor to serve you and help with your healthcare needs.   We appreciate your understanding the challenges we face, as we work on your behalf.  Thank you for being a loyal customer.

Warm regards,

Tony Paquin

CEO, iRemedy Healthcare

Our Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Pavan Anand, MD, Internal Medicine
Dr. Marc Braman, MD, MPH
Dr. Hal Brown, MD
Dr. Brian J. Deonarine, MD, FACC
Dr. Kevin Fleishman, MD, OB/GYN
Dr. Nicole G. Freels, DPM, Podiatrist
Dr. Charles Garnette, MD, Vascular Surgeon
Dr. George W. Ginter, MD, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Jason P. Harris, MD
Dr. Raymond Kordonowy MD
Dr. Joe Kruase, MD, Nephrologist
Dr. Hector Lozano, MD, Cardiologist
Dr. Joseph Magnant, MD
Dr. Michele S. Maholtz, MD, FCCP
Dr. David Marcantel, MD, FACOG
Dr. Jackie Matar, MD, Oncologist
Dr. James R. Mault, MD, FACS
Dr. Eric T. Shapiro, MD
Dr. Wayne Sinclair, MD
Dr. Vineel Sompalli, MD, Cardiologist
Dr. John D. Stewart, MD
Dr. David Theil, MD, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Francisco Torres, MD
Dr. Mark Ziffer, MD