Dynarex Disposable Underpads 17 x 24 (22g), Case of 3 (100 Each)

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The Dynarex Fluff/Polymer Disposable Underpads is a protective pad for use with people who suffer from incontinence. People who have a low level case of incontinence tend to look for light absorbency instead of a pad with heavy absorbency. The light option is great for people who may have an occurrence at night or every once in a while or just lightly.

The waterproof backing material will keep urine from penetrating through onto the mattress. This of course meaning the urine will be collected by the pad. The pad itself is properly sealed throughout the pad in all corners. If you do happen to have an above average occurrence, the used pad must be immediately replaced with a new one. Even with a low level of urine, change the pad as necessary to prevent seeping through. The pad is also made of latex-free material. This allows it to be used by a large number of people, even those who are allergic to latex-based products.

The non-skid underside of the pad helps keep it in it's place. When you adjust yourself during the night, pads that do not have a non-skid underside can move and change position, causing the pad to become useless for its intended purpose.


  • Highly absorbent, soft fluff fill
  • Waterproof, non-skid blue backing
  • Sealed on all four sides to prevent leakage
  • Underpads with polymer offer extra absorbency and protection
  • Disposable Underpads are not biodegradable
  • Large Coverage Pads
  • Light Absorbency
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Size17" x 24"
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