Welcome to your iRemedy Supply Store

Our mission here at iRemedy Supply is to help independently owned physician clinics, dental office, home health agencies and nurses operate competitively in today’s challenging healthcare environment. Our parent firm, we have been serving the healthcare product supply and distribution needs of many of the nation’s largest healthcare companies – like HCA, Mayo Clinic, United Healthcare and others – for nearly a decade.

We believe it is the smaller care providers that are essential to healthcare in America and we want to make sure they get access to the same high quality products at the lowest cost price. We’ve combined the tremendous buying power of our clients and we pass that savings onto our members. Check our prices and you will see – you will save 10%, 20% even 50% or much more on all of your healthcare supply needs.

We ship products out of our warehouse in Florida and we save money by not employing large field sales forces like many of our competitors do. Our Internet based distribution system is more efficient, and powerful – and we have tools to help you track your usage and make reordering easy.

We still use the telephone here at iRemedy, we’re kind of old fashioned when it comes to providing great customer service. Call us, email us, and reach us online. We will always be here to take care of your every medical supply need.

On behalf of the entire iRemedy team, thank you for your service!

Please contact me with any questions or needs you may have.

Warm regards,

Tony Paquin

CEO, iRemedy Healthcare

Our Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Pavan Anand, MD, Internal Medicine
Dr. Marc Braman, MD, MPH
Dr. Hal Brown, MD
Dr. Brian J. Deonarine, MD, FACC
Dr. Kevin Fleishman, MD, OB/GYN
Dr. Nicole G. Freels, DPM, Podiatrist
Dr. Charles Garnette, MD, Vascular Surgeon
Dr. George W. Ginter, MD, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Jason P. Harris, MD
Dr. Raymond Kordonowy MD
Dr. Joe Kruase, MD, Nephrologist
Dr. Hector Lozano, MD, Cardiologist
Dr. Joseph Magnant, MD
Dr. Michele S. Maholtz, MD, FCCP
Dr. David Marcantel, MD, FACOG
Dr. Jackie Matar, MD, Oncologist
Dr. James R. Mault, MD, FACS
Dr. Eric T. Shapiro, MD
Dr. Wayne Sinclair, MD
Dr. Vineel Sompalli, MD, Cardiologist
Dr. John D. Stewart, MD
Dr. David Theil, MD, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Francisco Torres, MD
Dr. Mark Ziffer, MD